Airport advertising reaches the influential air travelers, most of which are high-level business professionals.  They can be reached throughout every step of their journey – as they enter through ticketing, proceed through concourses, reside in gate areas and pass through jet bridges. Upon landing, baggage claim and ground transportation provide additional exposure.  On average, travelers spend about 2 hours in the airport prior to departure; this dwell time is essential in capturing the attention of this unique audience – the business traveler. Airport advertising is available in a variety of formats.  The main product option is interior displays; these can be freestanding or affixed to terminal walls, windows, columns, ceilings, or floors and most are back-lit.  Other options include baggage cart ads, security tray ads, coffee sleeve advertising, digital video displays, and so much more.  All products are located throughout terminals in arrival and departure areas, ticketing areas, baggage claim, gate hold rooms, concourses, retail shops, and VIP lounges. The majority of interior airport displays are back-lit.  Exterior displays are available along airport/terminal roadways as billboards, spectaculars, or overhead signs.