Often referred to as “out-of-home” or “OOH”, outdoor media reaches the consumer when they leave their home or office; it is powerful and comprised of many different formats, though is mainly associated with billboards.  Billboards are the cornerstone of outdoor advertising, though there are many other alternative forms of “outdoor media” available.

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We specialize in “anything outdoor!”  Depending on your specific goals and needs from a media campaign our seasoned team of experts will consult you on the various forms of outdoor media that will accomplish your goals – it could be billboards, transit shelters, convenience store posters or pump-top ads, door hangers, or simply a culmination of different media depending on the budget we’re working within.

  • The major categories of outdoor media are traditional, non-traditional, mobile, event marketing and lifestyle media. The industry as a whole is comprised of more than 3,000 venue and operators in the United States alone and these companies range from large media corporations to small independent and family-owned businesses.  In the US alone there are over 450 independent billboard owners and operators……….  and we are your one-company resource to ALL their inventory!!
  • Outdoor advertising (OOH) has emerged as a new frontier for what has traditionally been dominated by TV, radio, and print and is regarded today as a co-equal of yesterday’s “traditional” media…. and best of all outdoor media is much more cost effective!

Check out this early vintage billboard still up today – Awesome!


Here at National Outdoor Media our primary purpose is to fully understand our client’s goals and needs from a media campaign and then make appropriate recommendations, present proposals, and ultimately execute an effective and successful campaign that provide the results needed!  Drop us an email, tell us your needs and goals – we’re here to help.