With gas stations on practically every street corner and anyone who drives needing fuel on a regular basis this media makes sense! Reach your consumer through this highly targeted and cost effective platform. Gas pump-top advertising offers the ability to put your message directly in front of your audience for extended periods of time; the average time your message is in front of the consumer while they fill their vehicle is 5-8 minutes – that’s a long time for them to absorb your message! Can’t find a billboard, or are they too expensive in the market you want to target? Gas pump-top “mini billboards” are the perfect cost effective media to reach your target audience for an extended period of time. They offer an up close and eye level connection with the consumer and can be highly targeted geographically. There also is the opportunity to add a tear pad to the creative for a take away component to your campaign. Tear pads can be used for a coupon offer or just so the consumer has something to take with them to refer back to your ad. Tear pads are a highly recommended component to a pump-top campaign.


Advantages of Gas Station Advertising

  • Geographic Targeting – Target by any parameter of your choice – cities, counties, zip codes, neighborhoods, HHI, or street level
  • Cost Effective – Low cost for both space & production
  • High Visibility – Eye level and in front of your target audience
  • Extended Dwell Time – Directly in front of the consumer for 3-8 minutes
  • Take-Away Component – Add tear pads to the creative for a take away component to your program