You love pizza, we love pizza, everybody loves pizza – that’s a fact! It is estimated that over 92% of Americans eat pizza on a regular basis. What if you could put your message on every hot delicious pizza that goes out the door of selected restaurants, targeting your specific audience? Pizza box advertising offers just that. There are 100’s of thousands of pizzerias’ across the country and their customer base are typically young, affluent, college-educated adults. This media puts your creative message directly in the home, office, hotel room, or dorm room of a highly captive audience.

There are two distinct products when it comes to pizza box advertising – the pizza flyer or the entire box itself. Depending on your specific needs we’ll recommend one or the other. Box media offers the advertiser the entire box for their creative message while flyer media is a combined coupon with advertising flyer attached to every box that goes out the door – S, M, L, and eat-in leftovers, every box! Flyer media has a longer “shelf life” and remains in the home for an average of 14 days in a visible location because of the value the coupons offer. As for targetability both are highly targetable by any requirement – city, zip code, demographics, household income…… name it National Outdoor Media can make it happen for you!