Check cashing stores are popping up on every street corner throughout the country and with this media you can reach the check cashing audience. Cash Jackets are full color money envelopes that are handed to the check cashing customer with their money inside after cashing their check; they have cash in hand and are ready to spend. An advertiser now has the ability to literally wrap their message around the customer’s money, receipts, or documents. With an average lifecycle of 2-5 days this media travels with the customer for extended periods of time going everywhere with them and being seen by many others. The audience is typically under-banked/cash-based and enjoys utilizing the convenience of a check cashing retailer to cash their payroll or tax refund checks, pay bills and/or wire money. The average household income of this audience is $41K with 73% being of Hispanic origin. With over 7,400 store locations nationwide let National Outdoor Media put together a highly targeted media campaign for you.