The concept of truckside advertising has been gaining recognition over the years and is considered a highly targetable and cost effective alternative to traditional billboard advertising. You get 3 moving billboards on the streets for a fraction of the cost of a single stationary billboard. Like traditional outdoor advertising, truckside billboards provide three large, high-impact visual panels to convey your message throughout a market. It is a hybrid of traditional outdoor and transit advertising to provide the size and impact of traditional billboards with the mobility of transit advertising. Unlike mobile billboards, where an advertiser has full control over where the trucks drive and park, truck side billboards are delivery trucks driving specific routes making local deliveries to big box retailers, grocery and convenience stores, schools, and office buildings. They spend a good part of their day traveling on the major interstates and thoroughfares; though also travel many of the city arterials and surface streets. This market-wide coverage provides a large number of impressions…… all at a fraction of the cost of one stationary billboard.